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Hakim Achbar(25) was selected to participate in a K-1 Next Generation Tournament in Germany which was organized by promotor Walther Schierholt and Detlef Türnau, chairman of the German Muay Thai Association (MTBD). The event was held in Ratheim on 12 July and featured a selection of 8 super-heavyweight contenders who were competing in a K-1 elimination format. Six German fighters and two Dutch fighters were scheduled to fight eachother.

Besides the talented Hakim Achbar another fighter from Rotterdam John nickname THE GIANT Delgado from Silent Dragon Rotterdam was competing in the tournament. Hakim, who usually fights in the cruiser weight division, had to fight Koch from Germany. Hakim won the quarterfinal on points. Hakim's alleged opponent in the semifinals was too injured to compete which automatically put Hakim in the finals.

Delgado, coached by Bien Gunning won his quarterfinal match and advanced to the semifinals where he met his second german opponent. Delgado won the semifinal by TKO. What was anticipated before the tournament happened in reality. Two Dutch fighters entered the finals. Hakim who formerly trained at Silent Dragon Gym with Delgado had to take it up against his ex sparring partner.

Delgado, weighing 120 kilos with a length of 210 cm had a clear advantage over Hakim and scored with left and right jabs. Hakim however tried to stay out of the reach of The Giant, but did not succeed in his gameplan and was forced to stop by TKO in the second round.

Delgado (32) secured his first victory in the second edition of Germany's K-1 Next Generation Tournament. Delgado who was tipped by Holland's K-1 promotor Daan Enneking to participate in this tournament is hopefully on his way to a glorious career in K-1 Next Generation bouts with the possibility to participate in an official K-1 tournament.

Ratheim - 12 July 2003 K-1 Next Generation Tournament

Fights according to K-1 rules (+ 90 kg)


Hoffmann vs Bringmann

Fit & Fight Kiel * Sportfabrik Ratheim

Winner: Bringmann (stepped out, too injured to compete)


Achbar vs Koch

Vos Gym Rotterdam-Holland * Puno Gym Bedburg

Winner: Achbar


Delgado vs Wenske

Silent Dragon Holland * Fit & Fight Kiel

Winner by submission: Delgado


Abdul Al vs Nalbach

Thai Box Club Singen * Shqiponja Gym Würzburg

Winner: Nalbach

Semifinals by K-1 Rules:


Delgado vs Nalbach

Silent Dragon Holland * Shqiponja Gym Würzburg

Winner by K.O.:Delgado

Final by K-1 Rules:


Delgado vs Achbar

Silent Dragon Holland * Vos Gym Rotterdam Holland

Winner by T.K.O. & Heavyweight Explosion Tournament Winner: Delgado


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