Vos Gym Rotterdam THOC
Address Dojo De Vossenburcht
Wijkgebouw De Tamboer
Pijperstraat 37
3034 BG Rotterdam-Crooswijk
Phone + 31 107528183
           + 31 614177755
E-mail: info@vosgymholland.com

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 07.00-22.00 hrs
Saturday 10.00-17.00 hrs
Sunday 12.00-17.00 hrs
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Vos Gym Rotterdam   
We are pleased  to welcome you on the official website of Vos Gym Rotterdam THOC on which you  will find general and detailed  information about our muay thai and  kickboxing gym. Vos Gym Rotterdam is all about professional and recreational  fun when it comes to muay thai and kickboxing. Take an exclusive tour on our website to find out more about us  and sign up to receive our periodic newsletters to be well up on our latest  events. You can also find us on Facebook and the Dutch social network site  Hyves.